The top 3 longboarding cities in the world

Longboarding can be done anywhere and anytime without limitation. It is one of the most hobbies or sports skated by numerous young people all around the world. Whether you are in Asia, Europe, America, or Africa; you can do long boarding whenever you wants. Unless you are a professional longboarder, there is nothing to worry because you can ride longboard for beginners available in online stores.

In this modern time that the infrastructures are already built and developed, there are many cities which are so friendly for longboarding sports. The incredible architecture, the friendly weather, and the emptiness of the roads are the most interesting place to do enjoyable longboarding sports. If you live in one of the cities below, you are the lucky one who can enjoy the longboarding with your friends or community.

1. Seoul, South Korea
Not only known as a K-pop city, Seoul is known as a city which can be so friendly for longboarders. It is a safe and nice city which has a good infrastructure. Interestingly, the young people in Seoul are open-minded and creative. They open to all positive activities, hobbies, or sports, including the longboarding hobby or sport.

2. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil was not only becoming the successful host of FIFA World Cup 2014; But, it also becomes the nice place for longboarding sport. Rio De Janeiro is a place which is renowned as the paradise of the beaches and the roads. Typically, the longboarding is done with the freestyle.

3. California, USA
Who doesn’t know California? This city is the place where the skateboarding was born. California is able to be a wonderful place for the people who want to enjoy the new generation of skateboarding, longboarding. The weather and infrastructure are definitely so supporting when you want to do the longboarding hobby or sport.