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Green card programs of national interest is basically a program Permanent Resident; for those who have legal immigration status and are entitled to work just like an American citizen if they have a green card. The validity period of this status varies, of course, is different from the status of citizens of the State in which the permanent resident need to extend the validity period of their immigration status. The validity period varies greatly, there are two years, five years, or even ten years. There are some law firms that do not provide information that should get. There are also several websites that do not write the law firm so that it could be liability issues you encounter errors that make you actually rejected as an immigrant or a problem in your document. Almost all clients know if an American Dream has potential and we stand as a law firm that will provide facilities for you and provides comprehensive steps to enjoy all the resources that exist within this website http://www.breakthroughusa.com/national-interest-waiver-green-card-option-part-2/

At least it takes about seven years for permanent resident card holders before they decide to get the status of an American citizen. Good opportunities and makes us happy because you’ve found the right choice and we hope you have a good experience after a visit to us and you can review the series of our presentation so that you can have a clearer idea to get the best for your dreams to come to America. Today many firms that offer to you to follow their process so that you can qualify as an immigrant quasi them and offer assistance. In general, American immigration law provides three options to be able to live and work there, namely the sponsorship of family relationships. Second, sponsorship of the employment relationship and usually requires niw EB1 and EB2. Every day there are a lot of emails from prospective clients who say that they are happy with all the material that we submitted and actually getting a big difference with other law firms, and it is because we really dedicate you about immigration and improve your life for an American Dream.