History of Condom

In general, condoms are sold at affordable prices and relatively safe to use. In some places, condoms could even be obtained for free. Unlike other contraceptives that take time to restore fertility, the use of condoms can be stopped if want to have children soon. When you were choosing the right condom and have used it in the right way to then the benefits would be more optimal for you. You can find some unique design of condom such as star wars, emoji and also political such as trump condoms at Rip n Roll website.

Condoms are one of the contraceptives used to prevent transmission of the disease and also prevent unwanted pregnancies. There are many benefits of condoms, but only a few know the history and origins of condoms. Many theories were strewn about the problem, one of the opinions that attempt to explain the origin of the word condom stated that condoms come from the Latin word “condon” which means the container. Others say that the condom is derived from the Latin word “condamina” which means home. There are those who claim that this comes from Italy is that “guantone” meaning gloves.

Now we go to history. An Ancient Egyptian painting estimated age of 3,000 years describe the decorative penis sheath being worn by men. Not yet known whether the Egyptians wear a condom for ritual purposes or contraception, but it seems it is more inclined to be used as a protection against disease and insects. Minos Greek legend told by Antonius Liberals in 150 describe the use of goat’s bladder as a protective action when copulation, but the purpose of the practice was not really clear. In Japan, it is said penis sheath used in the early 1500s.

Condoms were first discovered in 1564 when an Italian doctor named Gabrielo nation fallopian recommend the use of a linen sheath that serves as a protection against sexually transmitted diseases. The trick, linen sheath is wetted with a solution of a certain chemical and dried before use. The doctor admits performing experiments on 1,100 subjects and reported that the gloves protect the wearer from syphilis. Meanwhile, the oldest condoms were found to originate from Dudley Castle in England in 1640. The condoms are made from animal intestines and are believed to be used as a protection from transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. In the 19th century in Japan has provided condoms from the skin, tortoise shells or horns. In China mentioned that similar objects are also present, but the material of oiled silk paper.