The door lock is one of the building material products which have significant roles to protect your home from the intruders. It is also closely related to the safety factors of home, especially for a home which has precious goods. If you have concise attention to this matter, your home might be the target of thieves despites of the fact that crime can happen anywhere and anytime.

In this recent time, there are many people who have been already use master key locks to avoid unwanted incident in their homes such as robbery or theft. To increase the security of your residence, you are obliged to know the kinds of door locks for your home. Typically, the door locks for residential or commercial is classified into two types: conventional door looks and digital door locks.

The conventional door lock has two types or models: lever lock and cylinder lock. The lever door lock model is the simplest key with an elongated shape and consists of a jagged slab with the number of grooves on the relatively small serrations. While the cylinder lock works the same way with the lock lever which has varied jagged slab. The serration serves to rotate the cylinder which is contained in the slot, so that the door can be opened and closed simple.

In line with the development of technology, there is also digital lock which is claimed to function better rather than the conventional lock. Generally, the digital work is new innovation which is added to the conventional lock and used at the hotel or apartment. If you are looking for the best lock for your home or apartment, you can visit the official website of MKS Master Key System to get the further information about the key which can give the best security for your home.