Grantham University

Grantham University is a nationally accredited for-profit distance education university that is located in Kansas City of Missouri. It provides its course entirely online and was founded in 1951. Since 1961, it is accredited to DETC- Distance Education and Training Council. Out of 27 distance programs available in US, this university is ranked 13th in the World University of e-learning. The University employs about 213 part time and 15 full time members of faculty who hold professional degrees like masters, doctorates and engineers.

At present, this university is categorized into 4 schools:

1. College of Engineering and Computer Science

2. College of Arts and Sciences (largest)

3. Mark Skousen School of Business

4. School of Nursing and Allied Health

Academic courses offered: There are graduate and undergraduate programs entirely online available through this university. Almost 14 graduate and 24 undergraduate programs are available which can be summarized as listed:

· Bachelor’s degrees

· Associates degrees

· Electronic communications courses

· Project management courses

· Digital systems courses

· Art courses: communication and writing, quantitative reasoning and critical thinking

· Science courses: Human civilization and nature

Tuition costs

Undergraduates: $265 per credit hour

Graduates: $325 per credit hour

BC land surveyors

BC surveyors, Building surveying is among the oldest jobs in the world. Since guy has determined that will certainly the component related to land should fit in with a group, the advantages of evaluating begun.

Building surveying is amazing. The methods used look for to choose which section of land belongs in order to whom, preferably finishing arguments concerning great. To put it briefly, checking is generally really a treatment using mathematical technique to survey residential property.

The particular very first equilibriums of surveying residential property return in order to historical Egypt. Experts have actually revealed evidences the old Egyptians made use of basic geometry in order to revise the lays out of border as quickly as the Nile Lake overflowed. A good Egyptian land subscribe dating back in order to 3000 BC appeared to be uncovered.

Embracing the Egyptians, the particular Romans – additionally most likely the almost all effective worlds through the ancient planet – practiced building evaluating. They will took it a single step better plus created “land surveyor” the main setting inside the particular Realm. These types of were referred to as agrimensores, additionally referred to as Corpus Agrimensorum Romanorum. Also though used really easy tools, these types of were extremely thorough using their professions and would produce straight lines plus appropriate angles simply by utilizing they will. Following the particular lines were racked up, they will certainly produce superficial ditches to mark the outlines. In fact minority of the furrows they produced remain to can be discovered today.