The definition of the kidney failure

The kidney failure or chronic kidney disease is the degradation of kidney function gradually and also permanently. The symptoms of the kidney failure themselves are very common, such as the out of breath, nausea, and exhaustion. That’s why there are not many people who realize that they’ve been suffered from the kidney failure, and they’ve just realized it after their disease has reached the advance stadium. The best nephrologist in bangalore suggested you do the regular blood and urine testing, if you think that you’re one of the people who have the high risk to get the chronic kidney failure, as follows :

1. The people who has a high blood pressure

2. The diabetes patients

3. A part of family with the history of chronic kidney failure

Here are several causes of the chronic kidney failure :

1. Inflamed kidney

2. Kidney infection

3. Polycystic kidney problem

4. The clogged that’s caused by the kidney stone or the prostate problems

5. An infant kidney failure while he or she is still inside the mother’s womb

6. Systemic erythematosus lupus

The help that has been given to the patients of kidney failure are intended to reduce the symptoms, hampering, and stopping the development of the disease, while also preventing the emergence of other more serious diseases. Until today, there is no known medication to cure the chronic kidney failure.

For most people, the chronic kidney failure could almost fully stop the kidney function and also threaten their lives, or it’s also called as the final stadium of kidney failure or as known as established renal failure. The only medication that can be done is by the blood washing procedure in order to help the patient to survive.

Here are the several steps that you can take in order to prevent the chronic kidney failure :

1. A healthy diet

2. Avoid the smoking and alcohol drinking habit

3. Exercise regularly

4. Be careful when you’re consuming certain medications

5. Be aware and treat diabetes seriously.