Bed bugs removal: facts and myths

Since 2000, bed bug infestations have risen 81% according to the national pest management association. Somehow, people can’t differ bed bug facts and myths so that is why we decide to share this article.

It is true when you say that bed bugs can be found on the bedsise and alarm clock. As mentioned, bed bugs are known as fast movers, so it can move from one to another appliance around your bed. Well, have you ever heard how these insects spread deadly diseases? Due to this myth, people have the fear and want to get rid of bed bugs regarding the removal method. Unfortunately, this is myth, so you should not worry. For your information, they don’t transmit disease. Bed bug bites, however, can cause allergic reaction in some people but not lead to deadly disease.

While it is right that bed bugs feed on blood of humans and animals, even without feeding, they can survive for a few months. That is why it is imperative to encase mattresses, pillows, and box springs with bed bug proof protector.

When you want to get rid of bed bugs, you may think of killing them with the use of chemicals or pesticides. Don’t you know? It is difficult to kill all of them with only a pesticide use. For the best removal result, you will need to work with a professional that can control the bed bug by involving the vacuuming and steaming.

Many people try to leave their homes empty for a few weeks to get rid of bed bugs. Sadly, this is not right. As mentioned, bed bugs are still able to survive even without feeding. Additionally. adult bed bugs can live as long as twelve months without having a meal.

To be able to get the facts about bed bugs, we suggest you call a removal professional.